Getting organised

It’s great that everyone is getting so much modelling time out of the lockdown or rahui, being the term of choice here…I saw something today, allegedly from Humbrol, stating that business had been booming with many modellers returning to the fold to pass the time. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to pass as I am one of the few who are still working…

What I have been doing in my spare time though is catching up[ on lots of little p[rojects and jobs that have ‘needed’ doing for a long time.

One of those projects has been updating my database of paper models…it’s so easy to download them but keeping track of them so I can actually find one I’m looking for is a different matter. I’ve been using Book Collector for years to manage my library and set up a database under this for paper models. Being a bit of a data freak I am probably collecting way more info that I need to on each model so it takes me a couple of minutes to load each one.

Basic data and cover shot

The range of good quality paper models available today is quite amazing. They need different building techniques to “conventional” model building but offer a broad range of scales and a generally eclectic and exotic range of subjects. They should also have a certain appeal to modellers who are logistically or technically disadvantaged when it comes to painting…
here’s an idea of what’s available:

World of Tanks

Maybe track them down and have a go to pass that rahui time…

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