Avro York progress – sort of…

In the box

Many moon ago, in the good old days when the USPS still recognised that there was a world beyond its own borders and did international surface post, I bought a lot of vacforms from US eBay. One of those was the Contrail 1/72 Avro York conversion set, not much more than a new fuselage and canopy with all the rest to come from a donor Lancaster and the spares box. Sorry no pix of this for now as it’s still in that part of my stash that I haven’t re-engaged with post-move (yes, I know it’s been a year already).

So I’ve had the York conversion for some 15 odd years, keeping a lazy eye out for a cheap Lancaster kit. A very lazy eye as a York isn’t high on my project list…but then this appeared on my “vac*” search feed on Trademe

So, I thought, not only will this provide the necessary wings, gear and tail for the York but the unused weapons will be handy contributions to the spares box for other projects. Ha! For $10, I should have known better…in addition to the missing prop mentioned in the listing, also noticeably absent are the complete undercarriage, all the guns, and the bomb bay and its contents.

Can’t really complain, I guess, I can do the York gear up and in flight, which also resolves the missing prop issues…just need to find the York bits now…

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