A round of Lacrosse

When I bought the Renwal Military Wrecker last month, I noticed that Charlie’s also had the Renwal Lacrosse Missile, another kit I could never afford when I was at school. After wresting with the decision for weeks days hours oh OK then a couple of minutes seconds, I ordered it from Charlie…

It’s true what they say about watched pots…after a great start out of the gate, my package stalled somewhere between Chicago and New Zealand for three weeks and the more I checked the tracking the longer it seemed to be taking. Cut to this week and a change in office location for three days…

On being able to check in again, the unwatched pot had produced a result…

…and I picked it up the next day…

In the same mail, was also a couple of bottles of Vallejo plastic putty from Mighty Ape. I haven’t used this before but it will allow me to progress a project or two…

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