I’m trying to be good

As hard as I try, temptation keeps rolling along…

Every year, Mighty Ape send me a $10 discount code for my birthday. Every year I think it would be rude not to use it.

The Heron is an old friend from around 1975. My first four-engined model even though it is quite tiny, bought from the book and toy shop in Waikouaiiti, back when every small town had at least one such shop. The crew and air stair are still in my parts box somewhere…

This is a classic release in every sense of the word ‘classic’: classic aircraft, classic model. I thought $37 was a little steep for what it is though but $10 + Primate free shipping and it became more attractive…

Imagine my disappointment when I checked the parts and the fuselage halves both came from damaged molds…

Mighty Ape was quick to do the right thing and refunded the purchase cost and, to be honest, the damage is probably fixable but I think Airfix do need to up their QA game on these old molds – a bit of quick research showed that other modellers had experienced the hole under the windows so it’s not just my one…

It’s also coming up to the end of the financial year here and Mighty Ape are having a massive stocktake sale. This was reduced from around $90 to $18 – too good to pass up. I thought that it would be an over-priced, minimal parts model – the shipping box was massive and we joked at the post office that the package inside was probably only a fraction of the size. Wrong! The box inside is pretty damn big too and very full..!

The short edge is about 30cm
The decal sheets

The larger sheet is the same size and the box and the big markings are all single piece decals…this will be fun. The markings apparently relate to remembering Japanese soldiers from WW2, much the same as some of the ANZAC-decorated big rigs here and in Australia…

Defo a grail kit

Like many modellers I have long been fascinated by the TSR.2, since, from memory, it first appeared in a late 60s Look and Learn…I already have the Contrail and Airfix 1/48 kits, the Arba resin one in 1/72 and the 1/33 model from IPMS-Austria – what’s one more…?

At the first of it’s release around 2000, this was the flagship of the Dynavector range – all of them are very good kits – but I have always missed out on it. This one appeared on Trademe and I was the only bidder – that easy….

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