Flitting in a Flettner

Continung this DNF from a long time ago

Evidence that I have still been able to squeeze in a little modelling over the last busy busy weeks…this work has been quite industrial ie no finesse required, so have been able to do a little each day without having to think too much…

Have been layering foam board into the gaps of the turret base so provide a firm backing for the outer skin. The foam board is OK but the artist’s type with laminated paper on each side – greta for gluing but ess great for sanding…all I can get at the moment until I can source the straight foam board I started with in the build: the sheets I did have gave their all in the big house move of 2019…

More industrial work this morning, sanding the foam board to shape. Not too many issues with the laminated paper – the sandpaper chews right through it and this isn’t the outer layer – but will need to do a road trip to find the thicker board that I used to use as each layer of lamination has a harder glue layer that can affect the evenness of the sanded surface and still show through under the skin layer…

Next stage will be to find the rest of the parts from where I stored them…

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