A Bristol Rarity

Way back in 2006, I was working in Waiouru. A mate said he had a box of old models that he gotten from the Museum by swapping an old rifle that the Museum wanted. He’d taken the models he wanted and did I want any of the rest befoee he binned them…

Of course, I did and what a tearsure trove of old 50s/60s-era models. Many of the 1/32 Renwal kits like the Atomic Cannon, Mace and Teracruzer and the Corporal Missile but the real find was an assembled and almost complete FROG 1/24 Bristol Bloodhound missile.

I’d only ever heard of this model and never even seen pictures of one let alone the model itself. It dates back to around 1959, I think – 59 is the number on the instructions – but wasn’t a great seller, being in a bit of an oddball scale (in a time when random box scale ruled OK), and probably being big enough to fall well outside the budget of the average schoolboy modeller: it’s substantially larger that your average 1/72 Spitfire or Me-109 although probably not much more complex…

I mentioned recently to a friend that I had one and pulled it out of the loft when he asked to see some pictures. I haven’t done anything to it apart from check the parts – only one part of the missile mount seems to be missing – and place it in a plastic bag for better protection and to keep the parts all together.

The instrucctions are just over A3 size – it’ll be some weird Imperial paper measurement – so the edge is slightly cut off on each sheet…

The missile is complete but needs to be stripped right back, reassembled and repainted.

The launcher base still has some of the original dust on it but is largely as it was when constructed some 60 odd years ago

And the model comes with these four charmers…the officer complete with a rather resplendent handlebar moustache..

It’s my plan to have this restored in time for the 2022 Scale Model Expo in Wellington…

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