Battlin’ Gatlin’

Long before Takom brought us cool 1/35 naval artillery…

Continuing on my meandering chaotic path through my started projects, some progress here, some progress there, it’s all progress towards an eventual finished model…well, that’s the theory…I know that some people may find all my leaping from project to project rather frustrating but it keep me modelling…

This evening’s lucky dip is another rarity, long OOP, the 261Box shipboard 47mm revolving cannon in 1/35 resin. I think I bought this from HobbyTera in Poland, possibly as a stocking stuffer with the A-Model An-22 and Sukhoi T-4….

This is about as far as I got, soon after acquistion in 2004. For some reason, at the time, it seemed like a good idea to glue the barrel ring into the mount. Once it was firmly CA’d in place, I realised that the barrels didn’t actually fit through the holes and that some work was required to achieve this. It looked more fiddly that I wanted so back in the box it went.

Last night, while working through some more of Castle Season 6, I used the Flexfile (best modelling investment ever!!) to slim down the barrels so that they would fit through the holes in the barrel ring. Each fit differently hence the numbering.

I also realised that the (very securely fixed in place) barrel ring doesn’t align with the holes for the bases of the barrel in the body of the cannon (nope, I really didn’t think any of the through way back in 2004!) so I will have to slightly tilt the body to one side so that the holes align…

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