Walling in the office space

Been busy as the last week or so but have made progress on things today; got a load of native wood sorted and stored in the garage for future projects; took the dogs for a decent walk and made a little more progress on Mac’s Car (oh, and got through to Season 8 of Castle)..

Found the contour gauge and measured the internal contours of the cockpit to wall it in…

The cockpit is quite open and needs some boundaries…

I think that I will need to get another of these as the ‘resolution’ is a bit coarse for finer measuring tasks. I cut one part out of thick card (left over from the 1/32 Vulcan I think) and mirrored that into a piece for the other side as well.

The kit cockpit floor will actually span across these pieces so there will only be space for seats for the driver and passenger but I couldn’t find a way to fit the rear dickey seat where Sam sometimes sits so this will be the earlier two seat only version….

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